Impressions from our students


outstanding student

Why is the teaching profession wonderful?

Because we can form bright people, giving the light and warmth of our souls...

Because we dive, each day spent in the middle of the children, in an ocean of innocence, purity,

sweetness and unconditional love....

Because we have the unique chance to drip in the souls of the children we educate small parts

from all the Good, the Beauty and the Truth of this world...



outstanding student / kindergarten headmaster

Nobody can compel you to learn, but you cannot become a real human being unless you are educated. As far as I am concerned, I think the most important thing is the way in which I develop myself as an adult. Although I have already graduated from a faculty, I have always had further aspirations. And I have chosen to go on the lifelong learning path which maintains my spiritual youth. FSE is a new educational experience. It is the school that teaches you how to form your creative personality. If self-improvement and self-education is your inner desire, then it is important that every step you take should lead you to your set goal. FSE is the school that teaches how to form a creative, outgoing, flexible and balanced personality, how to participate in the society development and in the education of the other members of the community you belong to. Not only have the teachers-trainers provided me with information, but they have also taught me how to put into practice, how to apply the newly acquired concepts, how to valorize my own knowledge and how to take part actively in discussions.
Thus, the training programmes which were well-organized and well-structured according to clearly defined elements were easy to apply in my professional activity. I benefited from a training adapted to my personality and learning style, a training which helped valorize my sense of responsibility and independence. The environment in which the training is taking place is pleasant and comfortable, both physically and spiritually. “Learning means discovering what you already knew”.


outstanding student / kindergarten headmaster

“Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University with the headquarters in Bucharest is one of the first private educational institutions from the Romanian higher education, established in 1990, an institution in which 9 faculties carry out their activity, among which the Faculty of Educational Sciences where I enrolled in the autumn of 2011 and which I am currently attending with great interest.
The teaching staff is made up of well-known scientific and cultural personalities of the Romanian higher education. Its whole activity takes place under the motto: “elite university, elite students”. If I decide to attend another faculty, this will undoubtedly be one from “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University!


The FACULTY OF EDUCATIONAL SCIENCES and the romanian -finnish school AND KINDERGARTEN ORGANIZES THE book launch, investment in education, investment in the future "

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