Faculty Management

The Faculty of Educational Sciences

The leadership of "Dimitrie Cantemir" Christian University supports and encourages the programs of the Faculty of Educational Sciences: the Bachelor program Pedagogy of preschool and primary school and the interdisciplinary Master in Educational Management. These academic programs are based on the European contextual premises of the Bologna Process and the Agenda 2020, as well as the axiological of the Romanian school.

In our view, the concept of early education is a component of the education for all and is developed in several directions: parents’ education and counseling, teachers’ training, relationship and community management, human rights culture and education for a sustainable development.

The aims of the academic programs and of the teaching practice are part of a unified approach, guaranteeing quality and professional educational services through:

· A convergent approach to children development by addressing their cognitive and social-emotional needs, hygiene, health and physical development;

· Children development through adult interaction, in order to provide meaning to the things and the world around them, to their own person and identity;

· The physical and emotional safety of the children as a basis for learning and developing positive socio-cultural attitudes;

· Activities that promote the feeling of success, personal competence and the joy of learning.

Our representations and attitudes towards children have always been positive and implicit, developing an optimistic educational culture. But this new academic approach involves contents that are also compatible with the European educational system: equality and basic cultural elements, study of the child’s general characteristics and the analysis of its fundamental needs; integrated and inclusive learning content.

These contents are complementary and constantly being transferred to the teaching practice activities that our students carry out in kindergartens and schools.

We plan and design educational change and our faculty teachers contribute to the professional recognition of the university at a national and international level through the activities of teaching, research and results dissemination.


Senior Lecturer Conona Petrescu, PhD






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