Description of the Faculty

The Faculty of Educational Sciences was established within UCDC in Bucharest in 2011, by decision of the Senate  dated 03.09.2011 UCDC with Pedagogy degree program of Primary and Preschool, which received the approval of the Board dated RQAAHE 26.08.2011.
The program is intended for undergraduates, non-academic teachers and high school graduates who wish to become teachers in primary and preschool.

The Faculty of Educational Sciences Offer is in accordance with the Law 1 of 2011 regarding the need for each teacher to attend higher education.
The Faculty of Educational Sciences is included in the coverage area of UCDC development through the inclusion of formative fields that addresses to human resources within education as a priority. This decision completes the educational offer, research and scientific approach applicative to fields of political and social sciences in the curricular area. The Faculty promotes Christian and humanistic fundamental values underpinning UCDC.

The Faculty of Educational Sciences from UCDC ensures professional qualifications in educational specializations, from theoretical to applicative aspect corresponding to the need identified in the pre-university education.
The Faculty of Educational Sciences license program includes Primary and Preschool Pedagogy and the Teacher Training Department
The main mission of the undergraduate program Pedagogy of Primary and Preschool Education is to shape and develop the professional skills specific to the field of education in the primary and preschool.
The Faculty of Educational Sciences Magazine takes the coordination of EUROMENTOR regarding research in education. This publication is edited by UCDC through DPPD since March 2010. The magazine was evaluated in 2010 by CNCSIS and included in academic journals ,category C. From November 10, 2010, EUROMENTOR has been included in the BDI Index Copernicus.
Also UCDC through DPPD is coeditor of the Journal of Education and Culture PAIDEIA, which will be the publication of the Faculty of Educational Sciences.




The FACULTY OF EDUCATIONAL SCIENCES and the romanian -finnish school AND KINDERGARTEN ORGANIZES THE book launch, investment in education, investment in the future "

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