Mission and goals




The central mission of the specialization Pedagogy of primary and pre-school education is the training of specialists and experts in the education of children of pre-school and young school age.
The faculty programme ensures a high qualitative level of academic study and training – the result of an intelligent attention of the university for initial formation in the primary and pre-school education

» The graduates will have competences both in children’s training and education, as well as in their counselling.
The specialization will also take into account the formation of integration capacities into the mass education  of children facing social problems, of those who come from risk environments or who have special educational  needs.
The specialization offered is meant to meet the changes from the Romanian society through continuous, adaptive and innovative strategies, as well as through the adjustment to the changes from the national and European educational system both at school and academic level.

The academic offer is oriented towards professions of excellence by establishing some teaching and research standards at the level of the most prestigious faculties of profile in the country and abroad.

» The information context of our faculty is an interdisciplinary one, encouraging cooperation among the members of the teaching staff in all fields of study, the graduates of our faculty entering the labour market endowed with the ability to solve complex problems by their organizational and collaborative skills. These specialists will also be trained to form, in their turn, in the spirit of innovation, creativity and novelty required by the knowledge economy, future generations according to the academic tradition, to the Romanian academic education, to the assumed social responsibilities. In this way, the FSE graduates will benefit from a greater mobility under the circumstances of a functional market economy and the EU integration.


Therefore, we are looking forward to applications from those youngsters who are interested in the educational problems of primary and pre-school age, who envisage, on the one hand, getting acquainted with education institutions and with the specific work in this field, as well as getting involved in their development, on the other hand.


We propose the specialization in the field of PRIMARY AND PRE-SCHOOL PEDAGOGY, firstly, for those who want to take part actively in children’s formation, support, counselling or training.


Students are trained to achieve different fundamental and applicative scientific research in the fields of pedagogy and psychology, promoting their didactics through publications, scientific sessions by editing courses, textbooks and methodical guides and implementing solutions for the modernization of education and supporting the educational reform


· Development of intellectual capacities, objectively explicit targeted formulas for teaching, learning and assessment

· Develop students' ability to work in groups, in teams, as an effective integration
of their capacity to manage in their profession

· Developing their capacities for self-assessment by practicing a system of
rigorous and clear evaluations;

· Developing the motivation for the profession by creating a quality educational process ,offering course materials and offering full courses from all disciplines, the active and interactive approach to methodology in carrying out courses and seminars, cooptation of students in research activities;

· Development of practical activities in a larger number of institutions that provide varied professional experiences and possibilities to implement the acquired knowledge throughout the training program;

- Development of specific vocational training and skills in THE PEDAGOGYOF PRIMARY AND PRE-SCHOOL EDUCATION for the Bologna promotions ,this segment targets the professional skills that are formulated as to constitute the basis for the graduates to succeed in their career within the specialization .




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